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Beyond the Bell

Evelyn Lauer

A podcast about educators who are teaching during a global pandemic hosted by Evelyn Lauer, a high school English/media teacher with 20 years experience. It doesn’t matter what format we’ve been forced to teach in – remote, hybrid, or in-person wearing masks – we’re all struggling and we’ve all lost a piece of our identity. Lauer converses with teachers in different situations from different states with different rules in place to see how education has been flipped on its head for better or worse. What can we learn from this moment in time? What can we say we miss? What needs to change? And what do we now know to never take for granted? Lauer is currently teaching freshman English, digital storytelling, and film--all remotely via Zoom and Canvas. Her work has been published in The Huffington Post, Education Week, The English Journal, Sentence, and elsewhere. She served as the PR/Publications director for the Journalism Education Association for six years and is currently serving that organization as a mentor teacher. BTB was recently highlighted in the New York Times Education Briefing. You can follow her on Twitter @evelynalauer.